12 Reasons Why Homeownership Is So Important to Low-Income Families

Written by Sherri Schneider on . Posted in CVHA, Home Buyer Tips

  1. yellow-houseHomeownership supplies the basic human need for shelter.
  2. Homeownership builds a better quality of life.
  3. Homeownership generates citizens more involved in their communities.
  4. Homeownership creates healthier neighborhoods and stronger community.
  5. Homeownership increases cultural understanding and respect within neighbor-hoods.
  6. Homeownership constructs a platform for financial se-curity.
  7. Homeownership builds family assets.
  8. Homeownership invests millions of dollars into our local economy.
  9. Homeownership boosts civic pride.
  10. Homeownership reduces domestic and community violence.
  11. Homeownership provides a stable home environment.
  12. Homeownership produces better students.

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  • Sherri Schneider


    “If it wasn’t for the home-ownership program, I wouldn’t own my home today. I’d been renting for 8 years and desperately wanted a way out of the cycle of flushing money down the toilet. The only way to build wealth for someone in my situation—not being able to save money each month-was to own. Building equity would be my “piggy bank” . The Family Self Sufficiency program and down payment assistance programs provided the education and resources to dig deep and accomplish my goal.”
    Eden Moody


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